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1st ZEVA Symposium

Košice, Slovakia, 12 March 1994

hosted by the Slovak Medical Chamber



Košice Memorandum

The participants of the Symposium of the Central and Eastern European Chambers of Physicians (Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Austria and Slovakia - in alphabetical order according to the Slovak country names), which took place in Košice on 11 and 12 March 1994 issued the following joint declaration:

We consider the tasks, purpose and functions of the chambers of physicians in all participating countries to be identical. One of the principles of this is that a significant proportion of the tasks which up until now have been fulfilled by the state (in transition countries) must be adopted by free and democratically elected chambers of physicians.

The traditions of the Central and East European chambers of physicians clearly illustrate that compulsory membership is essential for the quality of medical care, the safety of continuing medical education and for the guidelines for carrying out medical activity in private practice.

The demands which society quite rightly places upon the medical profession must, however, be reflected in the appropriate socioeconomic standing of physicians.

The Symposium has laid a new cornerstone for further good cooperation between Central European chambers





Translation from German original, EL, 12/11/13

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