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24th Symposium of the Central and Eastern European

Chambers/Associations of Physicians

Ljubljana, Slovenia,

14 -15 September 2017


Ljubljana Statement of the Central and Eastern European Chambers of Physicians,

Resolution on violence against physicians


Taking into consideration

the growing discrepancy between the expectations among the European population of easy access to a wide scope of high-quality healthcare services and the capacity of healthcare systems to provide them;

the increasing impact of economic forces and financial constraints on the healthcare services are causing lack of workforce in healthcare systems;

the fact that it might be difficult for patients to make a distinction between political decisions and healthcare policies, on the one hand, and the competencies and personal responsibilities of healthcare workers on the other;

the fact that physicians as a profession in practice in most countries do not enjoy the benefits of national legislation focused on safety in the workplace;

all these are resulting in the fact that attacks on healthcare workers and obstruction of healthcare provision are taking place in member states;


the representatives of the Central and Eastern European Chambers of Physicians gathered in Ljubljana have adopted the following statement :



Bearing in mind the significance of the above-mentioned considerations for the safety and well-being of physicians in terms of their impact on the future of the medical professionals and the quality of healthcare services, the signatories of this document urge healthcare professionals, legislators and administrators to work together and to support, promote and expand the safety of physicians in the workplace.

The Chambers of Physicians of Central and Eastern European Countries consider the safety of physicians to be an essential factor for ensuring the provision of high-quality healthcare.

Ljubljana, 16 September 2017


Central and Eastern European Chambers of Physicians attending the meeting:


Order of Physicians of Albania

Austrian Medical Chamber

Federal Medical Chamber BiH
(umbrella association of 10 canton chambers)

The Republic of Srpska Medical Association

Bulgarian Medical Association

Croatian Medical Chamber

Czech Medical Chamber

German Medical Association
(federation of 17 state chambers of physicians)

Chamber of Physicians of Kosovo

Doctor's Chamber of Macedonia

Polish Chamber of Physicians and Dentists

Romanian College of Physicians

Serbian Medical Chamber

Slovak Medical Chamber

Medical Chamber of Slovenia




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