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25th Symposium of the Central and Eastern European

Chambers of Physicians

Prague, Czech Republic,

21 -22 September 2018

Prague statement on the access to the labour market by physicians from third countries


The number of migrating physicians in Europe has been increasing steadily for years. In fact, the medical profession ranks among the most mobile in Europe. The migration of physicians from third countries poses unique challenges to all involved countries, either by depleting the health workforce, or in terms of the recognition process, as well as how these physicians are assimilated into the healthcare system in the country of their arrival.   

Recognition procedures can be labour-intensive and also entail the risk that forged or inaccurate documents might be submitted. The authenticity and validity of diplomas and certificates cannot be determined conclusively in some cases.

Migrating physicians can encounter cultural and language barriers relating to hierarchies, the physician-patient relationship, interactions with patients/co-workers of the opposite sex, to cite some examples. Language barriers have been blamed for malpractice situations and are increasingly the subject of complaints from patients.

As members of a free profession, physicians, and the organisations that represent them, should be guided by the basic conviction of free choice of employment.  At the same time, high quality standards must be maintained and the medical knowledge and skills of each individual physician must reflect the current standards and the latest scientific developments in the field of medicine.

The Medical Chambers of Central and Eastern European Countries affirm that:


Prague, 22 September 2018



Central and Eastern European Chambers of Physicians in attendance.






Dr Fatmir Brahimaj     

Order of Physicians of Albania National Council




Dr Jörg Hutter                           

Österreichische Ärztekammer (Austrian Medical Chamber)




Dr Goran Pavic                         

Medical Chamber of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina




Prof. Dr Nebojša Jovanić       

The Republic of Srpska Medical Association





Dr Ivan Madzharov     

Bulgarian Medical Association





Dr Ivan Raguž             

Croatian Medical Chamber




Dr Milan Kubek           

Czech Medical Chamber




Dr Max Kaplan            

Bundesärztekammer (German Medical Association)




Dr Istvàn Éger             

Hungarian Medical Chamber




Dr Pleurat Sejdiu         

Chamber of Physicians of Kosovo





Prof. Dr Kalina Grivceva Stardelova             

Medical Chamber of Macedonia




Dr Aleksandar              Mugoša            

Medical Chamber of Montenegro





Dr Gabriela Georgeta              Dascăl               

Romanian College of Physicians





Dr Milan Dinić  

Serbian Medical Chamber




 Dr Zdenka Čebašek-Travnik  

Medical Chamber of Slovenia




 Dr Jozef Weber                        

Slovak Medical Chamber



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 Dr Jacques de Haller  

Standing Committee of the European Doctors (CPME)





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