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Agenda and Presentations

21st ZEVA Symposium, Bratislava, Slovak Republic 2014

hosted by the Slovak Medical Chamber




Health insurance in Germany
Dr Ramin Parsa-Parsi


The Negative Role of Compulsory Health Insurances:
The Way it functions today in Romania

Dr Gheorghe Borcean
Mr. Frank ter Borg (Manager of Public Affairs - Achmea)


Vaccination in Republic of Macedonia:
Standards and Actual Trends

Prof. Dr Koco Cakalaroski


The system of vaccination in Austria
Dr Reiner Brettenthaler


Problems in immunization in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Prim. Dr Goran Pavic


Sponsoring of CME in Germany
Domen Podnar


Continuing Medical Education in the Republic of Croatia
Nikolina Budić


CME in Slovakia 2011 - 2014
Dr Jozef Weber



National Report Germany
Dr Max Kaplan


National Report Slovakia
Dr Jozef Weber


National Report Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Prim. Dr Goran Pavic


National Report Austria
Dr Reiner Brettenthaler


Report on the condition of the health care system in Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Medical Association

Prof. Dr Nebojsa Jovanic


The Republic of Srpska Medical Association National Report
Prof. Dr Nebojsa Jovanic


National Report of Romanian College of Physicians
Dr. Calin Bumbulut



Physicians' self-governance