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Ljekarska komora F BiH

Federal Medical Chamber BiH


Aska Borića br. 28 Zenica 72000
+387 (0) 32 244 232



Since the signing of the Dayton Agreement in 1995, Bosnia and Herzegovina has been divided into two entities: the Republic of Srpska, the population of which mainly consists of ethnic Serbs, and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, comprised of 10 cantons with a primarily Croat and Bosniak population. In addition to these two regions, there is also a superordinate central government.


The medical profession is also arranged according to this political framework. Each entity has its own medical association, though the Federation’s medical chamber is an aggregation of local cantonal chambers of physicians.


Since healthcare is in the responsibility of the cantons, physicians are organised in local cantonal chambers of physicians. The Federal Medical Chamber of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina was established in 2012 and designed to facilitate exchange among local chambers and with the Republic of Srpska Medical Association, as well as to serve as a point of contact for the government of the Federation.


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